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Party Buses 4 U Introduces Discounted Rides for Happy 2 Hours across Miami

There are countless happy hour deals in Miami, yet none quite like this. The team at Party Buses 4 U has been working hard to find more ways to bring you more fun, and we are now offering a discounted rate for our buses during the weekdays with our “Happy 2 Hours” specials.

Let’s face it, we can all benefit from letting loose a little after we’ve conquered a tough week at the workplace. Normally happy hour takes place towards the end of the most power-packed workday, but who’s to say we can’t be happy all night?

Why book a Party Bus for Happy Hour?

Let's imagine a couple of scenarios:

It's been a long quarter at work and your boss is deciding your office deserves a little fun time. She says they'll close early and asks you to be in charge of getting everyone together to plan an outing. What would you suggest to your co-workers? Movies, axe-throwing? Happy Hour? If you’re like us and love music and dancing this is the absolute best way to boost morale in the workplace and create joyous memories that go beyond the 9-5.

Or, how about you and your classmates studied your brain out and feel like you smashed the final exam. To relieve the stress from exam day you plan to take everyone out to let some steam off. We created Happy 2 Hours with you in mind. We're people too, we work hard and love to party and we think everyone has the right to enjoy themselves no matter the occasion.

Ditch the cars and let us take you on a ride

Our three pick-up locations are in Doral (Locos X Grill), Downtown Miami (Bayfront Park), and Wynwood (Wynwood Marketplace).

Plenty of parking for an easy meet-up with enough stores nearby to prep for your ride. We are currently partnered with Locos X Grill for an exclusive experience upon check-in you receive a complimentary cocktail (beverage of choice). After your ride is over, we suggest you head back in and grab some Asian-Venezuelan fusion BBQ-style meats to sober up a bit.

Of course, our buses are BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) however we encourage you to explore the local scene and request any venues you and your party would like to visit on your bar hop. We will be adding more local partners for more interactive adventures soon so be on the lookout for updates.

It’s an Open-Air Affair

We’ve given you options for 2-hour rides starting at 5 pm with the last bus riding at 8 pm. Happy 2 Hours gives you all 3 of our open-air buses to choose from; Chiva Pachanguera, Chiva Carnavalera and the Miami Glow all are Happy 2 Hours ready for weekday festivities. We are also now offering Karaoke upon request, just let our DJ know and they’ll be glad to include some of your favorite songs on the evening’s playlist.

How can you book a Happy 2 Hours ride?

Visit our Happy 2 Hours page. Select your bus, the time you want to party and the location where you‘d like to be picked up.

If you have a specific location not listed we’ll be happy to accommodate your party, just give us a call!

A refundable deposit of $200 (+$8 convenience fee) is required to book on our online calendar and a flat rate of $475 is due before your ride. If you are mega popular, an additional charge of $20 per head will be added after the maximum of 15 people has been reached.

Party Buses 4 U has superior customer service

Our party planning staff is always ready to help. If for some reason you’re still a bit skeptical about riding on a bus with all those people and drinks, you can rest assured knowing that our bus drivers are certified and always keep your safety in mind (they are school bus drivers during the day!). Our staff is very friendly and will accommodate your specific needs when planning and booking. We know from personal experience that this is the perfect place for a night out with friends.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next Happy 2 Hours Party Bus now!

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