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Looking for birthday party ideas?

How about team-building activities for your company?

Or perhaps you are in celebration of anniversaries, bachelor(ette) parties or divorces (it actually is a thing!). 

Consider us your private party wheels! 

Enjoy your favorite music with friends as you cruise through South Florida's most instagrammable sights and create memories you’ll never forget. Hop aboard one of our buses and you'll feel why we are the #1 Party Bus in Miami & Broward.


Party Buses 4 U is the latest expansion of the original, "Mi Chiva Pachanguera" which was built upon the love of Colombian heritage and the urge to carry on tradition. Now we introduce a modern spin with new styles and specially-themed buses for EVERYONE. 

From rural Colombia to the streets of SoFlo, if you're looking to celebrate life we have a Party Bus 4 U.

Why Section


Microphone for Karaoke

Wireless Microphones

Sing Karaoke, hold a speech, propose with a song or a secret message

Cell Phone icon representing we have Charging Stations on our party buses.

Charging Stations

Convenient outlets available to charge your devices

Dance Poles for party buses

Dance Poles

Multiple reflective LED poles

Bus icon representing various styles of buses we offer.

Multiple Styles

Choose between a range of different bus themes

48 inch Ice Bin we offer on our party buses

48 inch Ice Bin

Keep more drinks cold

Televisions that we have on our Retro Neon party bus


Play a personalized slideshow or videos. Enjoy live sporting  games you can even play your XBOX/PLAYSTATION

A/C that we offer on the Retro Neon


Stay cool as you party in the Miami heat.

Audio Pipe surround sound speakers

Surround Sound

Immerse yourself in sound provided by Audio Pipe

Lighting and Laser show

Cool Retro Light

Fun lighting that helps set the ambience


- FAQ -

Are kids allowed?

Yes they are as long as there is one adult.

Is there a deposit?

Yes $200 for our Open Air Buses

and $400 for the Retro Neon.

Can we do less than 15 people?

Yes, but we will still charge for the 15 people minimum.

Can we bring liquor to the party bus?

It is encouraged.

Do you have a specific pickup location?

No. We go wherever the party is. 


How late are you open?

24hrs 7 days a week.

Is the bus mixed with other parties?

No. Once you rent it, the bus is only for you and your guests.

What is Chiva? 

It's a traditional South American (Colombian) open air party bus.

Can we stop on the way to different spots?


Is there A/C?

Only in the Retro Neon.

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