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- FAQ -

Are kids allowed?

Yes they are as long as there is one adult.

Is there a deposit?

Yes $200 for our Open Air Buses

and $400 for the Retro Neon.

Can we decorate the party bus?

You sure can! As long as you take everything you brought with you when you leave the party. & please don't bring confetti!

Can we bring food to the party bus?


Can we bring liquor to the party bus?


Do you have a specific pickup location?

No. We go wherever the party is.

Is there a bathroom?


Is there A/C?

Only in the Retro Neon.

Can kids play X-Box or Playstation?

Yes, only in the Retro Neon and you need to provide the equipment and games.

Can we do Karaoke? 

Yes. There are cordless mics on all 4 buses. 

Karaoke with Tv's are only in the Retro Neon.

When do we pay for the party? 

Once our bus arrives, our Dj will collect payment.

Do the buses only play Latin Music? 

No. Each bus has it's own private Dj and he will play the music of your choice.

Can we request songs? 

Yes. You can even send us a playlist prior to your party!


How late are you open?

24hrs 7 days a week

How far north do you travel?

Las Olas.

How far south do you travel?


Is there an extra fee to go further north or south? 

Yes. $150/travel fee. North Of 74th street Nw or South Of Kendall Drive, in Dade County. $200 to go to Homestead and Broward.

Is the bus mixed with other parties?

No. Once you rent it, the bus is only for you and your guests.

Do you collaborate with influencers?

Yes, we ask for IG & TikTok account overview. 

Are we allowed to smoke?

Only on our open air buses, but any damages or burns will result in no deposit refund.

What do we need to bring? 

Ice, cups, your drinks and your best dancing shoes!

What is Chiva? 

It's a traditional South American (Colombian) open air party bus.

Can we stop on the way to different spots?


Can we do less than 15 people?

Yes, but we will still charge for the 15 minimum.

Can I bring my USB for the songs we want?


What clothes should we wear for the Neon buses?

Any! However fluorescent and white look very cool under our black lights.  

Can we bring strippers?

Yes, but only in the Retro Neon! With restrictions in the open air buses.

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