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The Halloween Party Bus: Where Thrills & Chills Meet

13 gets you lucky on this Party Bus

For every member in your party of 13, you get a plus one half-off. So that's $40/pp for the first 13 people, then $20 for anybody else who wants to join your party!

The math is simple: the bigger your group, the greater the savings, and the more money left over for Boos and other Halloween Spirits.

Why settle for an ordinary Halloween party when you can elevate your celebration to new heights? It's time to embrace the spookiness, conjure up your favorite monsters, and embark on a Halloween Costume Party adventure like no other.

Booking Your Halloween Special Is Easy as Pumpkin Pie

Although all the ghouls and gangstas will be out in the streets, fret not! It's not as spooky as it sounds – it's all treats, no tricks here!

You and your friends will arrive at the gathering point in your finest, scariest, or wackiest costumes, without worrying about designated drivers or parking nightmares.

The process is hassle-free, ensuring you have more time for costume planning, makeup and party prep.

Visit our homepage and use the calendar to choose the best date for your party. To take advantage of the deal make sure you bring 13 people and deposit $400 online (so you don't ghost us. Ok we'll stop LOL). We'll be in touch with you shortly to coordinate the rest.

We are looking forward to partying with you! Contact us to reserve your Bus today!

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